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Latest News



Game updates

Official updates and bug fixes

• Party EXP ratio fixed.
• Boss respawn bug fixed.
• Monsters not spawning bug fixed.
• Monster stone bug fixed. (will be fully fixed later today).
• Jail system updated.
• Quests bug fixed. (more will be fully updated today, this was caused due to the latest version of Knight Online changing).
• DC premium 150% increase on selling items fixed.


• Cuff binder rate has been increased slightly when using a normal fishing rod.
• Golden fishing rod no longer requires rainworms when fishing.
• Mage damage slightly increased (will take effect later today).
• Exp required has been reduced from levels 50 - 79.

NOTICE; To get Ancient Dragon Tribe items needed for making Krowaz items among other items needed for other items for crafting, you can get by talking to the Mysterious Old Man NPC. Please check the forums for more info.



Official server 20 May @ 7 PM Eastern European Time

KK V.2121

The server will now open on 20 May after fixing all the extra bugs we found in the BETA. It wouldn't be ready at the given time so without taking any risks and to make sure you get the best game experience we have decided to hold it back to the 20th. It will definetly be ready for that time.

The official date the server will open is Friday 20/05 at 5PM GMT+0 (7PM Turkey). You are able to download the client here.

You are able to register your account. Apologies for the delay we are as frustrated as yourself as i have put alot of work in to make sure its perfect, it is worth the wait! As compensation for the delay, we will be giving all accounts DC Premium.

See you for the launch while we work and perfect on the very latest version!



Bugs fixed

Thank you / SAOL

All the bugs reported have been fixed ingame in the server restart. Thanks to everyone who has reported the issues.

Item Dismantle and manufacture

You will also be able to use the item dismantle and manufacture where you can make the newest weapons and armor in the game.

Please remember Dark knights and Apostle of fire in Ronark land drop items such as trinas for high class and reverse items along with dragon boxes! Enjoy.



Bug Reporting

Subimit a ticket

Please remember to use the ticket system to report any bugs you may come across. If you find a bug ingame if you could make a video showing that bug you will be rewarded with Knight cash.



BETA server information

How to gain items, server rates.

Unique accessories!

All kind of unique accessories can be found in your INN.

Free gifts

Golden Mattock, Golden Fising rod, Valkyrie set, Pathos Gloves, Transformation scrolls amonst others can be found in your letterbox. You can access this by clicking the letter icon ingame at the top left of your screens.


Anvil rates information and drop Rates increased to 400%.

You can upgrade Low, middle and high class items which are available in the store in Moradon.

Lower and middle class items can be upgraded to (+10)! whilst also having a better anvil rate at (+9) and above. The upgrade limit on high class and unique weapons and armor is (+9) and can be upgraded to reverse (+21), if the item is rebirthed.

NP store! / Moradon Stores

You can buy Dragon flight armor ingame, along with high class items and unique items in Moradon.

Bug reporting!

The whole point in a BETA is finding out any bugs and reporting it. If you find any bugs please report them by logging onto the website and submitting a ticket. You will be able to report them on the forums once the maintenance on the forums is completed. Thanks and enjoy!